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Official Bagpiper for the Crabbies Grand National 2014/2015/2016


The perfect addition to any wedding.

Make your special day even more special by hiring a bagpiper to evoke the true spirit of Scotland.

“Many thanks for your efforts at the reception, they certainly had the desired effect and the Bride was extremely moved. It was unfortunate that the photographer took so long outside as I’m sure you would have entertained us even more. What you did was very much appreciated and very professional. Thanks for making it memorable!”
– Colin Smart, from a Wedding at Lazat Hotel in Cottingham (near Hull)

Wedding Options

Option A: The Church

This includes:

  • Piping guests into church.
  • Piping the bride down the isle (if required)
  • Playing while the registry is being signed (if required)
  • Leading the bride and groom out of church.
  • Piping the guests out of church.

Option B: The Reception

This includes:

  • Piping the guests into the venue,
  • Or piping during the cocktail hour
  • Piping the bride and groom to the head table.

Option C: Single Venue

This is designed for a one-venue wedding like a hotel or golf club. Includes most of A and B. Although specific requirements vary somewhat for different weddings.

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